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SCMMGA Progressions

(slideshow of our history)

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This website will not be online after December 2015.  SCMMGA has officially dissolved.  After our Farewell Celebration we will only be winding up the administration process of dissolving this wonderful organization.  Members please save our newsletters and membership database if you want. 

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SCMMGA is a nonprofit organization. All proceeds from Association activities are used for community-based educational programs throughout the four-county area. A major commitment of $12,000 was awarded to the Garden District of the Historic Columbia Foundation. Permanent signage will be provided for five planned garden restorations within walking distance of one another, with each garden reflecting a particular period in the history of the area. The signage will provide information about the house as well as the garden. The Seibels House and Garden was the first of the planned restorations to have received the signage, with the remainder to be completed over a three year period. Prior donations of this size have been made to the Riverbanks Botanical Garden and the Sandhills Children’s Garden.